Saturday, 1 December 2012

An early birthday present

I was one of the lucky winners of Roobedoo's birthday giveaway last week - and in a funny twist of fate, it's my birthday in a few days' time. I got home yesterday evening to find lovely package waiting for me.
And when I opened it up, not only was the book I'd won inside but also a lovely postcard.
It's called Stylish Dress Book. I've had a quick flick through - which is mainly in Japanese by the way! - and it's different to anything I've seen before. Most of the garments are very loose fitting smocks which I think might drown me a bit. There's also some slightly odd creations like this house-coat dress and something that looks suspiciously like a nightie...
But there are also some cute dresses, the following two being my favourites:
However, I think I may have to take everything in a teeny, tiny little bit! But first, I'll have to brush up on my visual learning skills as all the patterns and instructions are in Japanese...

Thanks Roo for a very different and unusual birthday gift! I look forward to the challenge...

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