Monday, 4 August 2014

What do you call half an Outfit-Along?

Seriously. I don't know!

I really wanted to take part in the recent OAL hosted by Lauren of lladybird and Andi Satterlund of untangling knots. But did I really want to make a dress/skirt/top that would fit me for all of half an hour before little baby moo puts in an appearance? Waste all that lovely fabric? I think not!

So instead I just did the knitting part. Except I still didn't finish that on time for the deadline, ha ha!

I made the official OAL pattern, Andi's Myrna cardi, which I had been stalking a bit anyway. So when she did an offer for 20% off at the start of the OAL I just couldn't resist. It's so damn cute!

I used cascade 220 superwash yarn which was fab to work with, really soft and squishy and the resulting fabric is lovely to wear too.

It took me 13 days to knit in total, working on it every day. Well, I am a "lady of leisure" at the moment while I'm on leave waiting for the baby to arrive (hurry up now please!). If I'd still been at work I think it would have taken me at least double that...

I made couple of changes, the main being lengthening the cardi as I don't think anything cropped that finishes just below my current ample bosoms would be that flattering! I also did all the ribbing in a contrast colour - but that was because I ran out of the brown wool. Actually I'm rather pleased with the two colour variation, I wasn't sure it would work but it looks fine.

The best bit (I think) is the keyhole at the back of the cardi - which I also edged in the peach colour to give it that extra little pop.

I still haven't put any buttons on (I don't have enough that match) but at the moment I won't be buttoning it up anyway - it won't do up over the bump! But I do know that the fit should be perfect after I get back to my pre-preggers state. Ravelry notes here, including details of my cock-up.

I don't suppose a shop-bought dress that matches is allowed...?

So yeah, that's it. Thanks to both Lauren and Andi - I hear there will be a knit-along this autumn and then anther OAL is planned for next summer - I am so there!