Thursday, 6 December 2012

It's my birthday and I'll sew if I want to...

Well, it's time of year again folks: another year older and another year wiser (or not). Here's a rather photo-heavy post of my birthday presents:
There is a lovely, traditional, British-made trug basket for me to wander round the garden collecting flowers and home grown veggies, a soup thermos for those cold, winter days at work and a gorgeous basket of pink flowers. The blue you can see peeking out from the trug is my new waterproof jacket:
And just in case it's not that clear, there are two, yes TWO! patterns in the trug as well - the Washi dress from Made by Rae and the Kelly skirt from Megan Nielsen. I have been wishing for these!
Then there's the most lovely little monkey puzzle tree that the Tinkers seem to like a lot:
And also a felt making kit - I saw this at the Great Dorset Steam Fair being demonstrated by a really lovely lady and had to drop a few hints to make sure someone bought it for me - how sneaky is that??!! But I'm really glad as I'm planning to have a go over the Christmas period, maybe even with my mother-in-law who gave it to me.
Other gifts include a lovely grey cardigan, sewing machine needles, zip-off trousers, roasting tins, a waterproof cover for my rucksack and handmade lavender pouches. All in all, I've been thoroughly spoilt!

I'm off now to finish my Robe Sureau - hopefully there will be photos tomorrow...


  1. Your cats are adorable!! I just wrote a blog piece about my cat Ruby lol.

    1. Thanks, I love 'em to bits! Your Ruby is rather cute too...rescue cats are just the best!


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