Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bunny rabbit

I've made a toy! I followed this tutorial by Chez Beeper Bebe - except that I didn't have a printer to print off the pattern so I had to draw it freehand... which is why it's a bit asymmetrical! I didn't do everything in the pattern either so my bunny looks very different from the original mooshy belly.

cute little pom pom tail
Oh my god, it took me ages to make the pom pom for the tail. I'd completely forgotten what to do (school seems like a really long time ago!) and had to do start all over again as I totally messed it up the first time.
I even had a go at embroidering the face on - which I'm so pleased with as I thought it would be really difficult but turned out to be much more manageable than I thought...although I did have to redo the mouth as it was just a straight line originally!

But even though it's all a bit wonky, I really love the way it almost looks like an old-school vintage toy, just in very bright, modern fabrics! I've given it to Daisy, who is the daughter of one of my colleagues, for her first birthday. She and her brother Ben have a pet rabbit called Zebedee and apparently she quite likes bunnies so I hope she enjoys this one.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

tweet tweet twooo!

Little collection of owls courtesy of tutorials by Moonstitches and Efemera Ink - sort of a mish-mash of the two. My favourite is the little brown one with the stripy tummy! These will all be going as presents to some little boys and girls...but my favourite is going to a big boy (my fiance)!