Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wedding prep

Highbury Hall
I've been a very busy bee...Lots of wedding prep, lots of stress...Found out this week that we have to revise our order of the day as we now can't hold our Nikah, the religious ceremony, in the Drawing Room at Highbury where we are having the civil ceremony due to a legality in the licence. TWO months before the wedding!

Very upset initially but have calmed down a bit now. They've offered for us to have it in the lovely gallery/balcony upstairs so going to see if that will work.

I'm making a few bits and pieces for the day - the seating plan, table names (which are the names of all our current and childhood pets combined!) and decorative letters of our initials.

Here's a practice go of the paper flowers I'm hoping to put on the seating plan. I've used the tutorial here from Under the Table and Dreaming.

The colour theme is deep purple and gold - my sister, who is my Maid of Honour, is wearing our Mum's purple wedding sari and I've got antique gold embroidery on my dress so it seemed appropriate. Hopefully I'll be getting some really nice purple, seeded Lokta paper to make them from...

Well, lots more to do so I'd better get on!