Saturday, 22 December 2012

My new sewing area - eek!

Ever since I started sewing, my dream was to have a dedicated sewing room. Unfortunately our house is just too small. The bed, ironing board, shelves and wardrobe take up the spare/guest bedroom and I would hate to have threads and bits of scraps all over my bedroom floor. At the moment, we don't even have a dining table to work on! We have a coffee table that's usually covered in "essential" rubbish so even that has been difficult to utilise. So, I've been known to sew on the floor. Yes, the actual floor. As in, the sewing machine would be on the floor, I would sit cross-legged and control the foot pedal with my knee. Not so great for my back!

On a slightly different (but soon to be related) note, we have a lovely bay window in our lounge that gets loads of sun in the summer months and gives a great view of our garden. Ever since we moved in, I've been saying to Mr Sabs that I would to be able to sit in the window to read or chill with Mini and Merky who like curling up on the windowsill to watch the birds.

So my lovely hubby came up with a brilliant idea - why not combine the two things and have window seat cum sewing area? Genius! So he spent a couple of weekends knocking up a shelf and supports and I'm proud to present the finished article:

We used to have long, floor length curtains which were a real pain to draw so last weekend I made them shorter and used the cut-offs to make little curtains for underneath the window seat - partly to make it look nice and homely and partly so we could hide all our crap there!

The cats love the new area (hence the cat bed and see saw) - it's wider than the old windowsill so they can sleep there and they like hiding behind the curtains too! I think it'll be lovely to have them right there when I'm working on my clothes.

With my machine set up. Obviously I will move the bouquet of flowers when I'm next working!
I'm really pleased with my new sewing table and can't wait to use it. The plan is to make upholstered foam cushions to go along the shelf so we can use it as a proper window seat but that will be easy enough for me to remove when I want to sew. I'm very grateful to Mr Sabs for the idea and execution... Reckon we make rather a good crafty team!

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  1. Wow thats awesome, just the right size for sewing! :)


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