Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sureau sewalong: toile top

The sewalong doesn't start till tomorrow but I just couldn't wait. I found an old cotton sheet to use as the toile so I cut out the pieces for the top last night before going out for dinner for a friend's birthday. Kolkata Lounge, the best curry in Stirchley, yum!

The top was surprisingly easy to put together. I hadn't really been looking forward to the gathers but it was fine. Not quite symmetrical but I think any irregularities will inevitably show up a lot more on a thin, cream cotton than (hopefully) on my dark brown fabric.

I quickly tried it on and realised that the neckline gapes. A lot. Excuse the fit on the photo below - I hastily pinned it together so it looks me look really huge!

If I pull the shoulders back, it sits a bit better...
But then the back gapes!

I am SO glad I took on board what Anna said about making a toile for the Sureau. I would have been gutted if I'd cut into my "fashion fabric" (picking up the lingo now!) and run into these problems. I'll just have to sit tight and wait till the sewalong kicks off so I can get Anna and Eleonore's advice about what to do. If anyone else out there has any suggestions, please do share! Even with the hiccoughs, I'm pretty pleased with my progress and am looking forward to carrying on.

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  1. I am a little bit terrified now! I'm going to get cracking on my bodice tonight...


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