Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I didn't cheat, yay!

It seems I did get a blog award, I just didn't realise it!
This is the Premio Primavera blog award which is a "thank you" award for giving support and encouragement to other bloggers by leaving comments. A while ago I got a mention for leaving comments on soisewedthis's blog - I presumed this was just a shout out but I've since realised after reading other blogs that it means that the award has been passed on to me...HOORAY! And thank you soisewedthis (I hope I didn't come across as ungrateful in my ignorance when you nominated me!!)

So now I have to pass the award on to the last nine commenters on my blog so here goes:
1. Kelly from bakedoandmend - we've discovered we live near each other and are helping each other in the Sureau sewalong
2. Anna from paunnet - gorgeous dresses and beautiful photography
3. Amanda from bimbleandpimble - crazy! (and lovely creations to boot)
4. sewisewedthis - we have lots of parallels
5. Sara from littlevisibledelightbutnecessary - just so nice! And great clothes!
6. Katie - who doesn't have a blog...yet!
7. Brandie from abc -  sewing, knitting, baking and a cute cat called Mr Gray
8. Nazma from asianfashionblog - lots of clothing inspiration
9. B from 19thcenturymodernsquared - houseproud and lovin' it!

I am really surprised as I didn't think I had nine readers! So thank you one and all. I love being able to communicate with others who have similar interests as me despite being on different continents, it gives me a nice, warm, cosy glow inside! Long may it last. Please pass on to your own commenters so that we can spread the blog love right around the world x


  1. Maybe I should've sent everyone separate comments to let them know? Ah well! Glad you're passing it along!

    1. No, no, it's definitely me being VERY thick! My excuse is I'm new to the blogging and sewing communities and I just didn't "get" what the award meant... Well, now I do and I have you to thank for it! x


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