Sunday, 11 November 2012

Finished: Long sleeved T shirt

Based on the Lydia pattern from Burda (as a downloadable for $1), I made this T shirt mainly to see what it would be like to work with jersey. It was ok. Yes, only ok. I used my machine's stretch stitch for the first time which I found tricky but manageable. I did think halfway through that I probably should have used my walking foot but I just couldn't be bothered to unscrew and put it on by that point.

There are some puckers at the neck because I used binding rather than facings. To be honest, I'm not completely enamoured with it and will probably wear it as a base layer under things rather than on its own. It might be the material rather than anything else, it was stretchy but not soft and warm like I thought it was going to be. The top is very comfy tho - I wore it out to dinner last night under a short sleeved jumper dress (sorry, forgot to take a photo) and it was quite cosy.

I'm thinking of making some knickers from the leftover fabric once I get some stretch elastic/lace!

In other cat news, I found Mini lurking in the greenhouse...
...Merky eating the breadcrumbs I'd left out for the birdies...
...and both tinkers fascinated by the smell of our bikes after we'd been out for a ride through the fallen leaves in the park! No idea why!


  1. Hi Sabs, don't give up with jersey. It takes a bit of getting used to - I think for me once I worked out that it was different to cotton (sounds stupid I know!) this helped a lot. Did you use a jersey/stretch needle? I found this made quite a lot of difference. By the way, your cats are so cute :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Kat! I'm going to battle on with jersey...I definitely think it was the (cheapish) fabric itself that made the whole process not as enjoyable as it could have been. I'd love to make a jersey dress at some point. And when I do, I will be investing in some proper needles like you suggest!

      ps a Kat has to love cats!

  2. Jersey can be the bane of my existence! I spend ages playing around with tension, use a ball point needle and for the finishes use a twin needle. I love the colour on you and this looks like it would be a great layering piece!

  3. Thanks Amanda, I love the colour too! I'm definitely going to take your advice and get some proper needles!

  4. i recently bought a class on craftsy which is all about knits. I am hoping to learn more about working with them through that as it is another territory that i do not understandyet. love the colour of your top though and thought the puckers were intentional! :P

  5. I think you've made a good job of it, the ruching around the neckline looks intentional. I agree that colour is fab and it really suits you!


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