Monday, 3 June 2013

M to the power of 4: Week 5 and final summary

Me Made May Mondays weekly roundup

Day 28: Viscose Sorbetto variation (not
yet blogged) with black cord skirt

Day 29: Bottle green Cambie

Day 30: Another Sorbetto variation (sleeves)
with navy Kelly skirt

Day 31: Olive button back blouse
with Cambie skirt

Wow, what a month! I'm so glad I took part even though it was a bit of a pain remembering to get a photo every day. I pledged to wear me-made three times a week but actually in the end, there were only FIVE days that I didn't! I'm exceedingly pleased with myself about that! 

Lessons learnt:

1. I need more casual long sleeved Tshirts. For lazy weekends at home, I generally lounge around in my pyjamas or tracky Bs (how glam!). The only casual T shirt I've made is the green Lydia. I wore it four times, all at weekends. The only reason I didn't wear it more in the last two weeks was because I was working at the weekends! 

2. I could also do with some me-made pyjamas - for the reason stated above.

3. I need some more smarter clothes to wear to work. Some of my outfits were far too casual and made me look like a teenager (mainly anything paired with a Kelly skirt - think I should maybe save it for the weekends). Teenage is most definitely not the look of a Consultant Acute Physician. I (and my authority) need to be taken seriously at work. Although I was voted Pin Up Consultant of the Year by all the junior doctors...!

4. I hardly wore trousers all month as all my handmade garments are tops, skirts or dresses. I just got the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern after winning Amy of Almond Rock's giveaway so I really think it's time to make some. Soon. When I'm feeling braver.

5. I really do need to get better quality photos!

So, in summary, I now have a staple, if basic, me-made wardrobe that I wear regularly and that I will keep adding to. It was such a great sense of achievement to do my first me-made month - all thanks to Zoe - and I'm really looking forward to next year!


  1. I totally failed at me made may! I barely had enough garments to start with and then the weather was wrong and I've changed shape since I made them... Next year life will be less hectic (hopefully, at least there won't be a wedding to plan) and I hope to participate fully!

  2. Wedding is definitely a valid excuse! Good luck!

  3. English Girl at Home16 June 2013 at 16:33

    Hello, I love your little square photos. Your garden looks amazing too - I'm always reminded how overgrown mine is when I use it as the background for photos! It was great meeting you yesterday, & thanks again for the lovely book I've been starting at it repeatedly. x

  4. It was great to meet you too. What are you going to make first??


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