Thursday, 13 June 2013

My new old thread box

As part of my job, I have to sometimes visit the hospital Bereavement Office. I was there a little while ago, filling out a form, when I noticed a beautiful, old, wooden box on the desk. Being curious, I asked who it belonged to and was told that it was the property of a deceased patient that had been unclaimed for a long time. The hospital policy is that an item has to be left for a certain amount of time (I think 3 years) to give family an opportunity to claim it but after that it gets sold or discarded.

Well, as I left the office, I said casually to one of the clerks that I really liked it and would be very interested in it if no-one claimed it. Lo and behold, I got a phone call later that same day from the office manager to say I could have it for a small donation! Apparently everyone in the office had been admiring it over the years but no-one had expressed an interest in it until I came along...

Merky trying to climb in

...And the best thing? The clerks suggested a donation of £10. A tenner!! What a bargain. That £10 will go into the charity trust fund of my department (Acute Medicine) to put towards equipment or training. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but every penny helps.

There are no markings or labels to suggest who it belonged to or when it was made. Inside there was a single, enamelled, lapel pin/badge with two hearts and a crown. I gather this was something given to blood donors once they'd donated a certain amount of blood to the Blood Transfusion Service, probably originating from the 1960s, but I can't be certain as there aren't any markings on it.

So, what have I done with it? It's the perfect size to store my threads!


  1. Oh wow! I have a similar box, in pretty bad condition, that was my nana's. It is in dire need of a bit of restoration though. This has given me huge inspiration for replacing the paper lining.
    Lucky you!

  2. oh wow that is the Perfect size for thread, and it's beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous find!

  4. Thanks, I was like the cat that got the cream!

  5. Isn't it just? I love it!

  6. Go for it! It'll look so pretty AND you'll have an heirloom too.

  7. A treasure chest you might say...!

  8. Charlotte Upton17 June 2013 at 22:10

    What a beautiful box!


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