Saturday, 22 June 2013

Chasing butterflies

My very first attempt at PJs as part of the Pyjama Party sewalong over at Did You Make That!

The fabric I found at the rag market in Brum priced at a bargain £1.50 a metre is a supersoft cotton jersey.

Mini loved the butterflies...

This was only my second time sewing with jersey. This time, instead of using the stretch stitch on my machine, I decided to just use normal straight stitching but with jersey needles. I played around with the tension and the stitch length and made sure I stretched the fabric as I was sewing and it turned out fine - much better than the stretch stitch on my first jersey top.

I didn't use the Tofino pattern recommended by Karen. It looks great but I didn't get my arse in gear in time so I opted to draft my own pattern for the bottoms using an old pair of PJs and following an online tutorial at noodlehead. I really wanted to do the shirring at the back but my machine and the jersey had a major fall out so in the end, I used normal 1.5" wide elastic and followed this tutorial. Oh and I French seamed the life out of the whole thing to make it look and feel nice on the inside.

For the top, I used the Burdastyle Lydia T shirt pattern again. I really like it, it's a good fit  and very easy to assemble. As before I didn't use facings but put a  binding around the neck. And French seamed the entire top as well - the jersey was definitely thin enough to accommodate it without being too bulky.

So there it is, my first PJ mission complete and, as my friend Katie pointed out, my first pair of trousers! I know they're not go-out-in-the-street trousers, but still!

I'm excited to see what others have made. Hop over to Karen's blog tomorrow morning to find out... Did you make any?!


  1. Scruffybadgertime29 June 2013 at 09:23

    Love them! And I love that youve made a top as well as PJ bottoms. The fabric, colour and everything is gorgeous!


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