Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I'm a Cambie copycat

Oh dear, I totally ripped off Rochelle from Lucky Lucille's idea of a neutral coloured Cambie skirt. I told her, though, so that doesn't totally count as stealing, right?

My original idea was to make a straight skirt (based on my tried and tested NL6843 with pockets) out of fabric that was left over from when I made my Wasp bag all those millennia ago. Remember? It's a gorgeously soft brushed cotton that I bought from (where else?) the Brum rag market. But when I saw Rochelle's version, I was smitten so I decided to pinch her idea emulate her.

Matchy matchy with my Wasp bag

I left it a bit longer initially (image above) but I didn't think it worked so I made it an inch or two shorter and I like it a lot more.

The Cambie skirt was a doddle to sew, I think I completed it in a few hours spread over two or three evenings. All the seams bar the hem have been finished with the same bias binding that I used on my olive button back blouse.

My buttonholing went horribly wrong due to the thick layers of cotton and waistband stiffener I used (have you ever used stiffener? It's amazeballs!) so it was time for my trusty press-stud-plus-fake-button trick again. If you look closely in the photo below, you can even see it looks like there's an actual buttonhole there because I couldn't get all of the damned stitches out!! Oh and I put in a pink zip because it matched the bias binding. Yes, I know you can't see the bias binding on the outside to figure out that the zip matches but tough sh*t, I know and that's all that matters.

I got to photograph it on a gorgeously sunny day with my lo-lo top. I think this skirt may well be a staple - a light colour for the summer but thick enough to wear with tights in the winter. Win!


  1. I loved this idea of Rochelle's too - in fact, I've seen lots of people do something similar: e.g. use the skirt from a dress on its own, or mix it with a bodice from a different pattern. And I always forget about that possibility when I'm deciding on a new project!

    Your skirt looks great and I support your decision to use a pink zipper :-) This will really be a staple in your wardrobe - this color goes with so many others!

  2. sorry bout that buttonhole, but your fix looks perfect! and i love your bias binding and matching zip =)

  3. Cute skirt! The inside looks so pretty with that bias binding. I really like it paired with blue lo-lo top.

  4. Thanks Becca! I love that it's so versatile...

  5. Ha ha, there's always a way of pretending everything is perfect, right?

  6. Thanks for the pink zip support!!


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