Friday, 26 October 2012

Mon patron est arrivé!

I promise I won't I'll try not to keep writing phrases in French throughout the sew-along, as tempting as it is.
I couldn't wait for the sew-along to start cutting. (And I was far too lazy to go and get tracing paper so I just cut out the pattern direct)
Must iron.
If you look really closely at piece number 7 (top right) you might be able to see claw holes, courtesy of Merky. Thanks for helping, mate!

I went for a run - it was the archetypal autumn day: sunny, crisp and COLD. I stopped in Highbury Park to get a couple of photos of the gorgeous colours and thought that I would like these sorts of colours for my Sureau. Maybe a bit more brown though.

Autumn is definitely my favourite season for colour. There will have to be a trip to Barry's fabrics this weekend to search for the perfect fabric that matches the perfect colour in my head. Hope I'm not disappointed...


  1. My Deer and Doe patterns just arrived as well! I've traced out the Airelle blouse and have read through and translated as much as I can with my shaky French. So exciting! Have you got your fabric sorted for the sewalong yet?

    1. Ha ha, I've had translation issues as well! The Airelle blouse looks lovely. Yes, I've just bought my fabric today and it's in the wash now (I'll put some photos up in a bit). Are you doing the Sureau sewalong too? If so, what material have you gone for? If not, what have you picked for the Airelle?


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