Saturday, 13 October 2012

A change of heart

Well, I've decided not to make the Belle skirt after all... I had a look at the pattern in more detail and realised that it had an elasticated waist and lots of gathers. When I bought the pattern I obviously only looked at the photo and not the description as I was under the impression that it had a zip closure. What a silly moo I am! I will be more careful in the future as I think I wasted about a tenner on the pattern when I could have got a few patterns more to my taste in the recent sales. Never mind, it's a lesson learnt. Maybe I should the pattern on eBay and see if I can recoup some cash?

I jointly ordered some patterns from the US with my friend Katie (hi Katie!) and they arrived yesterday. Looking through them, I realised I could use this skirt pattern instead:

I love the fact that it has pockets! SO, this is going to be my first sewing class project instead (although I have already started a little weekend project on the side - more on that soon). Watch this space!

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  1. Hi fellow sewer,

    Looks daunting ! what with pleats, waist band, pockets and zip (your favorite).

    Love to see some pics of the "curtain dress".

    At the moment I'm slaving away on Tim's curtains, rather boring really but hey ho a promise is a promise !!

    love to both of you xxx


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