Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I won an award (um, NO, you cheated)

Well, I found this today... I don't care that I haven't been nominated, I'm awarding it to myself!
It was set up by Cindy over at cationdesigns (oops, I'm over six months late) and I think it's fab! My two cats Mini and Merky constantly "help" me to sew. Mainly by pouncing on or refusing to get off my fabric. Now that I've started dressmaking, they also like to "get" (read: hunt) the tissue paper. Thanks Moomins (the collective name for my two, along with Tinkers).

So I have to answer some questions now:
  • When did you acquire your helpful feline assistant? What is the average amount of time elapsed between when you start a project and when something gets helped with? Eighteen months ago when they were seven or eight weeks old (they are siblings). Anywhere between two seconds and two minutes.
  • What is your helpful feline assistant's favourite/weirdest thing to assist with? They like to pretend they are pattern/fabric weights. Mini also likes playing "tunnels".
  • How do you decline said assistance without losing your arm? Hmm, tricky. Bribes mainly. But they just look at me. With that look.
  • What's the worst thing your helpful feline assistant has managed to botch up? I'm imagining shredded chiffon, snagged silks, etc. Ripped tissue paper pattern. Luckily not too much damage, I managed to save it in time. Just.
  • Are you ever afraid to post too many pictures of your helpful feline assistant on your blog, for fear of being labeled a crazy cat lady? I am a crazy cat lady,  I don't care who knows.

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  1. Cute award! You definitely should be nominated for it! And if you want to pass it on, check out the adorable post at Cats and Crafts. :)


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