Friday, 19 October 2012

Curtain dress part 1

You know how I started a dressmaking class? You know how I've only been to one class so far? (The second class is in four days' time) We-ell, it seems that I somehow think that makes me an actual seamstress or something...because I've made a dress already!

I'm still planning on making the Cynthia Rowley skirt for my class project but when my little parcel of patterns arrived a week ago, I was so excited that I just had to dive right in! One of the patterns I got was this one:
Lisette Diplomat dress (Simplicity 1878)
Initially I wasn't sure about the style of this dress but I read a few reviews and looked at what others had made and everyone said it was an easy dress to make so I thought I might as well buy it. I also found the ideal material a couple of weeks ago. My local B&Q was shutting down and they were selling curtains for £5. Yes a FIVER. So I got one pair which equates to two 100% cotton curtains sized 90" by 66" each! Plus lining! The colour is a lovely rich purple and the cotton is on the thicker side (but not overly thick) so ideal for this project to be a winter dress.
Mini liked the fabric too and wouldn't get off to let me take a photo...
So here are a few WIP shots - all from last weekend which is when I did the bulk of the work...
Ripping apart the curtain and lining. Note the slightly odd olive coloured nail varnish that I was trying out that day - only my thumb, mind, not the rest of my fingers for some reason.
Sewing...some part other, I'm not entirely sure what!
The neck facing - I found this bit quite tricky as I couldn't follow the instructions very well and in some parts just had to do what I thought was right. Actually after I had finished this bit, I did think that I could have skipped it all together as the fabric was thick enough not to need facings. But, hey, it's all good practice! (Although looking at the photo, I probably should have made it all a bit neater...)
Putting in my very first garment zip!
And finally for today's post, trying on the dress before sewing up the side seams. Note (1) that I'm trying it on over my pyjamas on a Sunday morning as I was too impatient to have a wash or get changed before I started sewing and (2) no need for hemming as I'm just using the bottom of the curtain - hoorah!

More soon...

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  1. HOORAH indeed !!

    Looks pretty impressive, hope that it is just the first of a lot more...

    Well done for the zip, looks good. Now you just need to master hems (cause using the curtain hems is cheating) but I forgive you because your dress looks stunning and i love the colour.

    Just received all the fabric I ordered this morning, so busy washing it to crack on with mummy's dress, she is coming monday evening so need to make a mock up one to check the size. This before I start on the lined slippery silk one...

    Happy sewing



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