Saturday, 27 October 2012

Fabric shopping

So I finally went to Barry's Fabrics today to get something with which to make my Sureau. I loved it! So much fabric all under one roof. Although, I was a little bit baffled as I'm sure someone said to me that it was a three-storey shop when actually it's just one that's packed to the rafters. I must be going deaf(er) in my old age. I had to stop myself buying loads of material, especially when I saw some tartan brushed cotton - perfect for pyjamas. ("No, Sabs, don't start too many projects all at once, you'll never finish anything"). Oh, and how's this for coincidence? I bumped into Kelly from bakedo&mend who is also doing the sewalong!

Here's what I came away with:

Green jersey for perhaps a T-shirt and/or some knickers. I saw a lovely pair over on Roobedoo's blog and that made me think about attempting my own. Plus some navy something-or-other with an ever-so-slight stretch (it's slippery and drapey, feels lovely but is fairly heavy too) which I thought might be good for a Kelly skirt (the pattern is on my Xmas list - fingers crossed!)
Both of these were £1 a metre!!
Unfortunately the photograph above just doesn't do the colours justice. The green is a teal/dark turqoise and the blue is dark navy with an almost crossweavey pattern.

And here's what I chose for the Sureau:
 With a close up of the print itself:
It's a dark brown, printed cotton with a vintage feel. You can't see that well but the flowers are coral and dark yellow. I wanted more orangey tones but couldn't find anything that matched the picture in my head. This came the closest really. But it's autumn/wintery enough and I think (hope) it'll look good with woolly tights, brown boots and maybe a mustard or coral cardi.

All three fabrics have already been washed (as soon as I got in the door!) and are now drying.

I also splurged out a bit more and ordered some organic cotton dyed with natural herbs from Organic Cotton. There's a lot of thoughtful stuff there which makes choosing harder, but I finally chose kassam olive and pomegranite. I can't wait to see what they look like in real life.

So is it too early to cut out my pieces for the sew-along when the fabric's dry tomorrow...?


  1. Wait before you cut into your fashion fabric! Definitely make a muslin first!

  2. I was SO tempted to cut last weekend....but I held off! Don't worry, I will wait and follow all the advice from next week onwards. I'm so excited now!


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