Monday, 13 May 2013

M to the power of 4: Week 2

Me Made May Mondays weekly roundup

Day 7: Mustard skirt (NL 6843)
with sleeved Sorbetto

Day 8: Black cord skirt (NL 6843)
I look pissed off as I was on call

Day 10: Green Cambie

I had to get in a photo of the heeled Brogues that my sis gave me (they didn't fit her) - I am in love with them! You must excuse the Nora Batty look of wrinkled tights though, it's def not the look I was going for!!

Day 12: Lydia Tshirt

Mr Sabs and I dismantled a neighbour's greenhouse on Sunday which is going to my Dad. I dressed for the part in my trusty boilersuit!

Day 13: Robe Sureau


  1. 2 weeks down--2 (plus) to go...we can do it! I love the Sureau; I would love to find some fabric like that.

  2. You'll just have to come on a visit to Birmingham and we'll go to Barry's Fabrics then..... ;)


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