Monday, 6 May 2013

M to the power of 4: Week 1

Me Made May Mondays weekly roundup
(always time for a good bit of alliteration, right?!)

Day 1: Green Cambie
Day 3: Polka dot Sorbetto and navy Kelly
Day 4: Burdastyle Lydia tshirt but worn as a base layer due to rubbish rain
Day 5: Lydia tshirt again under jumper dress (in the sun!)
Day 6: Turqoise Washi dress (to be blooged soon)


  1. I love the green dress! Such a great color. You're very with it on the Pantone color of the year I see...:)

  2. Thanks! The fabric was a Christmas present from my in-laws. Yes, very with it indeed - for the first time!


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