Saturday, 2 March 2013


Well, that's what Mr Sabs calls it anyway...

I love this stuff. L.O.V.E. I could wear it all year round. It's so soft and warm and touchy-feely!

I saved a bit of the black cord left over from my pinafore dress as I wanted to make a work appropriate skirt for the winter. And as I already had the New Look 6843 pattern, I thought it was bound to be a win win situation. And it was!

The first skirt I made with this pattern (the mustard one) is a little bit bigger than I wanted, though I regularly wear it for work, so this time I cut the smallest size (which was a whole two sizes smaller than the first attempt) It was a close shave, as it only just fits! As before, I added pockets using instructions from the Kelly skirt pattern and lined them with an old grey shirt of my hubby's that needed chucking out. Underarm sweat patches that won't come out in the wash are not a good look, darling...

My new best friend was indispensable for my skirt - look, just look, at how neat my invisible zip is! Woo hoo, I did it, success at last!

The button on the back is actually a bit of a cheat - I couldn't be bothered to make a buttonhole so I used a popper and sewed a button on the front. Shh, don't tell no-one, or you'll be sleeping with the horses. Or perhaps that should be frozen "beef" lasagne...

Anyway, onwards and upwards to my next make. I didn't get round to making the NL6808 last weekend like I had planned and then I saw that Pattern Review have got a Fitted Blouse contest this month so I've decided to enter it in that!

Fitted Blouse 2013

I'll put photos up with a link to the contest once I'm done - please vote for me!


  1. Lovely skirt and good luck with the PR blouse contest, they are fun.

    1. Thanks Valerie...I'm nearly done with the blouse already can you believe? And I've looked at some of their upcoming contests and am very tempted!

  2. This looks absolutely rad! Love the cord and the epic button popper. So fab :D

    1. Ta Mands! Can't believe this is my 6th make so far this year... Didn't think I'd be quite so on fire!

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