Saturday, 23 February 2013

I think lack of sun has given me delusions of grandeur

Oh my word, it seems like it's been ages since I've posted... It's not because I'm not doing anything, I've been busying around like a bumbler (honest!) but it's just too cold and dark to take photos to prove that I'm sewing!

It's effin' freezing!

I'm working on a dress at the moment which is in need of some tweaks (it's the "top secret" project I talked about in the last post so no more info I'm afraid...) which means photos will be a while yet. I've just finished another New Look 6843 skirt, this time in corduroy (yes, I'm in love with this fabric!). Photos to come soon, maybe even tomorrow if I can get my arse in gear. Oh, and I bought the best sewing invention ever - an invisible zip foot - it's AMAZEBALLS! The zip for the corduroy skirt went in like a dream and you can't even see it. It's like it's invisible or something...

Life saver

I'm just about to start on a top for work - New Look 6808. The fabric is soaking as I type. Wonder if I can get the whole thing sewed up tomorrow and then wear it to work with the cord skirt on Monday? Hmm, ambitious.

There's been a whole lot of discussion on ye olde sewing blogs (notably didyoumakethat and kraftykat) about lack of sewjo recently due to the horrid winter weather we've been having. Yep, it definitely has an effect hasn't it? I'm sewing less during the weekdays and more at weekends when it's lighter. Mr Sabs and I have started running in the evenings after work to perk ourselves up a bit and get rid of the winter blues - we've done 20k this week. It's working a treat, except for the fact that I'm falling asleep by 9pm on the sofa every night!

And last but not least, I've done something crazy. I've gone and bought a vintage 1950s dress pattern. It was 99p on ebay so I had to, right? I mean, it would be rude not to.

Except, and this is the crazy part, it's unprinted. UNPRINTED.

Oh. My. God.

What have I got myself into? I can barely follow modern, printed, let's-spoonfeed-sabs-cos-she's-a-bit-slow patterns so how on earth am I going to cope with this? Well, I just read a helpful post over at Lucky Lucille about non printed patterns so that will be my starting point. I may just have to make it up as I go along! Please wish me luck. And sanity.


  1. You can o do this, Sabs! It's such a rad pattern it will be worth the effort :D

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I wonder what they said instead of "rad" in the 1950s?

  2. My life changed dramatically after buying a metal invisible zipper foot. So much better than a plastic foot!

    Good luck with that pattern, it looks like it's going to be hot!

    1. I love it, I think I'll def be practicing putting in loads of invisible zips on everything now (whether it's needed or not...)!

  3. I'm rather baffled by what I think is my zipper footer (not sure if it is!). Cool pattern well done! X

    1. It looks a bit stumpy, not like a proper foot. My sewing machine came with the normal zip foot but not the invisible and I'm so glad I bought one instead of struggling like I have been doing. You should def check out your manual and give it a go!


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