Sunday, 31 March 2013

Snow - you can do one!

If it's been a bit quiet around here, it's because I've been away for a week. Skiing in Alpe d'Huez to be exact. It was my first time skiing, although I have been snowboarding before (not too enamoured with that, didn't really get the hang of it). Learning to ski was a lot of fun though.

We stayed in a friendly little village called Villard Reculas. Unfortunately we only had one day of sun in the entire week but it didn't spoil the fun. Most of the time it was either snowing or very misty.

My friend Liz and I had private lessons all week and then on the last day, we went off to the other side of the resort to play with the big kids on the big(ger) slopes. Oh and eat things like this Tartine Fraicheur. And tarte tatin. And lots of cheese...

So now I'm back home. I would really like it if the snow went away. I went on holiday when it was snowy, I had a week of playing in the snow and I came home to find snow on the ground still. GO AWAY! I'm fed up of you. The weather forecast says more flurries to come. Rubbish.

Today there was some sunshine at last. I'm relaxing (and recovering from all my aches and pains!) at home with my little Moomins and some sewing. Here are some WIP photos - can you guess what it is yet? There will hopefully be more photos at the end of the week as I'm hoping to have it ready to wear for my friend's wedding on Friday.

And to top off my addiction, I bought another two vintage patterns from eBay...

...and a few others that I took a fancy to, mainly as they were half price at Jaycotts... I will be a busy girl this year! I've put a ban on patterns until 2014. And I will stick to it. I will, ok? Don't look at me like that, with your raised eyebrow and smirky smile!

Clockwise from top left: NL6799, NL6000, McCall's 6460, NL 6968
Hope everyone is having a relaxed Easter weekend!

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