Thursday, 3 January 2013

My new favourite accessories

Over Christmas week, Mr Sabs, along with his dad and brother, had booked a blacksmithing day course where they made cool pokers and got sooty. So my mum-in-law and I decided we would have our own crafty fun, nicknamed "Ladies' Day"...!

She used to do enamelling back when she was younger and still had some of the old equipment in their workshop. So she dug it all out, ordered a few more bits and pieces, et voila! - a ready made craft class for me!

It was so much fun. I took a few photos of the process along the way:

Copper blanks - can you guess what it is yet?!

Then sprinkling on the enamel powder (after polishing, pickling in vinegar and putting the adhesive on) and firing - the best bit!

And here are the finished products:

I love the fact that there is still a little bit of blackness from the firing on the buttons - it gives them a rather used, vintage look which is gorgeous. I also love the copper ring that you can just see round the outside. I can't wait to use them in a handmade garment, it'll be the perfect finishing touch...I just need to find the perfect fabric and pattern now to show them off!


  1. These are gorgeous, I can't wait to see what you use them on.

  2. Thanks, I was really pleased with them! I'm definitely saving them to use on just the right project - needs to be something special I think.

  3. Wow! DIY buttons!? I didn't know this was possible :)


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