Sunday, 20 November 2011

My sewing machine

It's about time I introduced my sewing machine. It's not conventional...
It's an old manual Singer
Isn't she beautiful? Look at all the intricate design and pattern:

There's a serial number on it which enabled me to look up the year it was made - 1936 in Kilbowie, Clydebank, Scotland.
This is not an electric machine so I have to feed/guide the fabric with my left hand and turn the wheel with my right in order to sew. It can be quite tricky sometimes!
Excuse the mess in the background! I was hoping the strategically placed plants would hide it but they haven't done their job properly...
The only change I've made is to add a walking foot so that I can quilt a little more easily. Yes, I know the modern plastic looks out of place on this lovely old machine, but believe me, it really has helped!
She can only do one stitch length and type but she does the job. Maybe some day in the future, I'll get an all-singing, all-dancing electric sewing machine that can do fancy stitches (I always want to do zig-zags for some reason) and have different stitch lengths but more now I'm more than happy with the old Singer!

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  1. Sabina I was looking at Zameers blog and you were on there so I clicked and found myself looking at all this lovely sewing you are doing! You are so clever making those quilts wow! Have you looked at 'pinterest'? They have some beautiful inspirational sewing and quilting to be seen on there. Love Z


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