Thursday, 22 December 2011

For my sister...

It was my sister Sum's 30th birthday last weekend. I wanted to make something special for her but she is annoyingly hard to please. She hates pretty much everything anybody gives her for presents. In fact, this year she had specified to both me and my parents that under no circumstances were we to get her any sort of present at all except for a a pair of warm gloves and a snood. I still got that wrong as even though she had written down which snood she wanted I managed to get something totally different!
Anyway, in order to give her something nice, I'd spent hours over the summer making colourful blocks, loosely based on Faith from Fresh Lemons Quilts Echino Squared quilt. It was hard going - mainly because I couldn't seem to get all the blocks the same size so kept having to add bits of fabric here and there... I eventually got fed up and had far fewer than I initially anticipated! I then left them in my fabric cupboard and forgot about them for a few months. A couple of weekends ago I remembered them and quickly got to putting the quilt together. Because I didn't have as many blocks as I wanted, I decided to put sashing in between them. The quilting was just straight simple lines around each block.
Oops, a bit skewed!
For the back, I wanted to have a slightly more subdued feel in case she didn't have her sunglasses handy! I'd seen some lovely Paris streets material at a sewing exhibition I'd seen which I'd bought specially for Sum back in March that I wanted to incorporate so that was my main panel.
I also found some lovely cotton with a denim feel/look and some fabric which I think is called Twirl by "Me and my sister" designs that I really wanted to incorporate (only because there's just the two of us) Oh, and of course a tybalt label!
I also made a sprocket pillow to match - courtesy of Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew. It was so, so easy to make as the instructions were really simple and clear - thanks!
 The stuffing isn't as smooth as I would have liked but I'm sure after a few bums have tried it out, it'll be fine!
My attempt at an arty photograph
 Here they are together (on Mum's sofa rather than Sum's as we celebrated her birthday at my parents' house)
 Happy 30th Birthday Sum! xx

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