Saturday, 6 July 2013

Ma deuxieme Robe Sureau: The Dragonfly Dress

And I don't even like creepy crawlies!

But I fell in love with this fabric and had been eyeing it up for a while. Then I had lunch with my friend a few weeks ago - and  I screamed at her, "Anika, you're wearing the dress I want to make!" She'd only gone and turned up in a dress with a very similar pattern but larger (and green) dragonflies and my mind was made up, I had to have it!

I knew straightaway that it was to be another Sureau. But no sleeves this time. Initially I thought I would leave it sleeveless altogether but in the end, I preferred it with cap sleeves, yet again using the Washi dress pattern. That reminds me, this is part of Indie Pattern Month, celebrating all the  wonderful independent companies out there. Go and have a look at what everyone has been sewing up.

Oh yeah, I lengthened the ends of the sleeves to make them fit the armscye better - and ended up with Stormtrooper shoulders!! As I couldn't be bothered to unpick everything and make them smaller (lazybones like you wouldn't believe, me), I just put a little pleat in each sleeve and hand-tacked it down. I don't think you can tell tho so that's another trick up my sleeve for future reference (pun well and truly intended!)

The second boo boo was adding an extra 2-3cm to the centre back of the bodice to accommodate the zip and realising too late that the neck was a bit gapey. Again, laziness took too string a hold so I added a couple of pleats to the back neckline which seems to have righted the problem. Phew!

Basking in the sun...

The only(!) changes were:
1. Pockets again
2. Zip in the back, not the side
3. Cap sleeves
4. Lengthening the bodice by an inch and adding an inch or two to the skirt (so I can wear it to work without feeling too leggy)
5. Omitting the front buttons - altho I may still add them later, not sure yet

The pockets are an homage to my first Sureau, using up the last of the leftover fabric.

The fabric, actually a quilting cotton, is not at all stiff or rough (I was a bit worried seeing as I bought it online and hadn't had the chance to feel it up) and the dragonflies are really cute and not too big and scary.

I love, love, love the finished result! Great to wear as a summer dress (the photos are taken at RHS Rosemoor on a glorious day when I wore it for the first time) but warm enough in the winter with tights, boots and a cardi. Perfect!

I heart the Sureau!


  1. almondrocksews6 July 2013 at 10:25

    A lovely dress in real life too. Couldn't tell about any of your "tweaks". I'm really starting to warm to this pattern now. Might have to get it!

  2. Great dress! Pleats are obviously a girls best friend...J

  3. Very cute! I think I actually like this cap-sleeved version better than the 3/4 sleeves of the original!

  4. Louise - There She Sews6 July 2013 at 14:48

    I've seen a few incarnations of this dress and whilst I normally love the Deer & Doe patterns I haven't been taken with them. But yours looks great and the dragonfly print is lovely :-) Just goes to show that quilting cotton *can* work!!

  5. This is absolutely smashing! Lovely make, Sabs!

  6. Beautiful! No one would know the pleats aren't just part of the design.

  7. Wonderful fabric! I couldn't tell you had made any changes. Such a great summer dress.

  8. Rachel Pieters8 July 2013 at 21:55

    it turned out super cute! And I love your fabric choice!

  9. Get it, get it, get it! Go on, I dare you!

  10. Oh yes, they definitely are... they've got me out of a tricky situation or two! As have press studs!

  11. Thanks Gail, I think I do too, especially for summer. It's nice to have the longer sleeve option for colder weather tho!

  12. Thanks...I've used quilting cotton for quite a few garments now, and I have to say I haven't had many problems and the prints are great too!

  13. Thanks Adrienne! Sshhh, it's our little secret...!

  14. Thanks! And I can confirm it's really cool and comfy in the sun too!

  15. Thanks, it's the only time I haven't been scared of insects!!


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