Monday, 22 July 2013

Another floral top, madam? Yes please!

When I went to the rag market in mid May with my "ami francais" Katie, I spotted some viscose that I really liked the look of but because of time pressures, I didn't get a chance to purchase. Well, I kept thinking about it for a few days and then decided I had to go back and get some. Luckily there was some left! (In fact, there was still some left when I attended the bloggers' meetup where, funnily enough, Charlotte got some too!)

I now wished I had bought enough for a dress but at the time I only got 1m as I had a top in my head. I do need more tops though, so I suppose it's a good thing. Plus it only cost £3!

I didn't really have a proper plan for this top so I winged it and used the pattern for the Lydia pattern sans sleeves. Except I totally forgot that the pattern was meant for knit/jersey fabrics and forgot to factor that in so it's a bit more fitted at the hips than I intended! Luckily, I'll mainly be wearing it tucked in so no-one'll notice.

Oh and I may have cut the fabric upside down...Can you tell?

It'll do tho. I French seamed the entire thing and used self binding on the neck and armholes.

I made it ages ago, well before my holiday, so it's had quite a bit of wear now. It's in regular circulation for work, mainly paired with the cream Cambie skirt in the photo, but it also looks cool with a pair of shorts and flip flops on hols! 

Phew, one unblogged item down, another bajillion to go! 


  1. Ooooh, what lovely fabric! I'm glad you went back for it!

  2. That is lovely. I need more floral tops now (and to visit Birmingham again, for bargains like that).

  3. Such cute fabric! Perfect for a summer top!!!

  4. Oh you should plan another visit soon!

  5. It really is - it's nice and cool in this freak weather we're having here at the mo!

  6. English Girl at Home29 July 2013 at 15:06

    Lovely and a bargain too. I can't believe you have loads unblogged! I really need to speed up!

  7. I think there's only 3 left so don't worry! You'll catch up soon enough - I haven't sewn anything for the last month!

  8. Love the top, it's cute! You are so lucky to find viscose. It's one of my favourite fabrics but it is non-existent in the fabric shops I've been too :(


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