Thursday, 25 April 2013

I'm a Sewcialist Logo Finalist! (Please vote...)

I can't believe it, I've actually made it to the final of the Sewcialist logo competition!

For those of you who don't know, the term "Sewcialist" was coined very recently to represent any sewer/sewist who also uses social media to interact with other like minded individuals. The official definition is this:

If you use social media to chat about your sewing (any kind of sewing) you're probably a #sewcialist. Sewing + Social = Sewcialist

Cute, eh? Well, a comp was set up to find a logo. On a whim I entered. I'm rubbish at graphic design so I never thought my entry would get picked...

But it has and here it is:

I basically wanted to keep the logo very simple and recognisable. Every sewcialist will at some point use a computer to communicate about their creations or engage with other sewcialists. Although there are lots of different hardware options to enable us to do this (smart phones, desk tops, tablets etc etc) I thought the world at large would be able to immediately recognise a standard laptop to represent how the online community interacts.

The sewing machine in the middle was the obvious choice to represent what sewcialists do at the very heart of our creativity. It’s actually based on my Janome 525S machine! The dot and dash circle enclosing the logo represents to me the cutting lines on patterns!

So, if you like it, please do vote. You've got until 8 May. Here's how to do it:

Go to one of the sewcialist jury blogs below and comment on your favourite, including the # of the entry and the designer’s name.

I'm entry #3 and could really do with your votes as I'm up against some brilliant designs!

Thank you to everyone who votes!

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