Saturday, 7 July 2012

Me and my sweet tooth

We had a glut of raspberries in the garden this week. So I thought I'd make a tart. In my new Le Creuset pie dish. Confession: I cheated and used ready made shortcrust pastry. I was going to make my own but (a) was running out of time and (b) couldn't be bothered. Mostly (b)!!

The filling was low fat, soft cheese mixed with granulated sugar and vanilla essence and I layered this with more raspberries in the middle before decorating with them on the top. I actually added way more berries than shown in the photo above in the end as I had so many.

With more berries on the top. Mmm, most of it's gone!
I also had a bit of extra pastry left that didn't fit in the pie dish so I bunged it into a large mug and made a mini, 1-person-portion tart too. I was going to make a glaze with raspberries and strawberries to finish both tarts...but unfortunately (b) above applied here too!

We also had a good harvest of red currants, white currants, strawbs and gooseberries so I made a mixed berry jam too. It turned out really nice, just the right amount of tang while still being sweet enough for toast.

I'm feeling very domesticated recently!

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