Sunday, 24 June 2012

More photos of the garden

Mini in the fern bed

Beds, bottle wall and lawn

Strawberry patch, veg patch (lettuce, garlic, onions, pumpkin, courgette, potatoes, peas, beans, asparagus, jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb, radish, beetroot, toms, cauliflower and edible oxalis) and greenhouse (chilli, pepper, cucumber, toms, basil, aubergine, oranges and lemons)

Fruit walkway - raspberry, gooseberry, red and white currants, apple, fig and peach

Quince, wallflowers, grasses and a whole host of other plants and flowers that I can't remember the names of!
My apricoty-peachy colour themed bed - made up in an old Belfast sink. I love the osteospernum and diascia in this. I searched for this particular diascia (called Apricot, I think) everywhere for a whole year after I fell in love with them at a garden I visited down in Dorset and finally found them a few weeks ago at a nursery round the corner from home!

And finally...
Merky in my allium barrel - look at the cheeky monkey with his tongue out!

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