Sunday, 15 April 2012

More handmade stuff...

Here are some more photos:
 It all started with the garden sign above to go in the back yard... Then thought why not make vintage style wooden signs for the wedding day too? All three painted freehand too!

Table signs - names of all our current and childhood pets!

And the last photo is just because. Our quince flowers. I've impressed myself with the photo!


  1. Wow Sabs I love all of it! You have been busy. I hope it's all gettig reused for the post-wedding shidig. xxx

    1. Thnaks! I've really enjoyed doing this part of the planning (not so much the stress and hassle of most of the rest of it!) Yes most of the handmade bits and pieces will be used for the party (as long as we remember to collect them up after the wedding!)


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