Sunday, 8 April 2012

20 days to go!

This weekend I have been mostly:
- Finalising the seating plan (omg what a pain, can you believe a few people still haven't rsvp'd? even after I've sent out 4 yes four emails to said people to ask)
- Deciding the look of the seating plan (rustic)
- Starting to make paper flowers for seating plan
- Making confetti (my mum thinks I'm cheap)
- Starting to make the table names
- Finishing wooden signs to hang at the venue
- Having my final dress fitting (no alterations except the sleeves were made smaller! so now hanging up at parents' waiting for the big day, all steam ironed and lovely looking)
- Finally sticking to my no-junk-food plan and
- Running every day over the bank holiday so far

I'm officially knackered!

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