Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bits and pieces

I've been ill for the last 3 weeks - some sort of viral bug - so haven't really been doing very much at all in the way of crafting. In fact, all I've done pretty much is go to work, come back home and fall asleep on the sofa in between the coughing, breathlessness and wheeze... Getting better now so hopefully be back to doing a bit more sewing soon.

I have made 2 things however.
I've made a card for some friends who got married last weekend with fabric hearts and ribbons. Unfortunately the photo just doesn't do it justice (damn the blasted iphone camera!) - but believe me, I was really chuffed with how it turned out in real life.

And I've made the ribbon-wrapped initials for the wedding:
I'm really pleased with how these turned out. They will be proudly on display, probably next to the card/gift basket on the day.

I've also started to make an apron as a gift for Mum (I know it's Mother's Day today but I won't see her till next week so I've got more time to finish it!) - hopefully I can model it for a photo on here soon.

In the meantime Happy Mother's Day!!

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