Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Great Dorset Steam Fair

This is my first time at the GDSF. Wow is all I can say! We went for two days, camping overnight.

 It was a mudbath and I'm so glad I took my wellies!
 This was a donkey that was going to work a cider press! Unfortunately I forgot to go back and see him at work...
 There were loads of shire horses and other farm animals there - that was what made it for me!
And of course, lots of steam engines gleaming in the sun (well, at least on the second day, the first day it poured with rain). At night, they get lit up and some drive organs for fairground music.

I especially loved the stalls selling all manner of things - great bargains and loads of tat too! I came away with three milk jugs (I will talk about these in another post), a Russian-style army hat, thread, a picture frame, dappers from another army surplus stall and lots more which I can't quite remember...I know that I did use up every single penny I had!

I will definitely be going again in years to come. If you go I will say just one thing - you have to go and see the Wall of Death - amazing!

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