Saturday, 25 August 2012

Elephants never forget

I can spill at last! I've had a to keep this a secret for months... My friend Naseem had a very significant birthday in June. I made these for her in the spring but didn't have the chance to give them to her for her birthday as I was in Italy honeymooning at the time. I've finally been able to deliver to her a very belated birthday gift. She's crazy about elephants, hence the theme.

I made two cushions with elephants from Valerie Wells's Karavan range raw-edge appliqued on them, a clutch with a really cute elephant bead on the front and elephant material (I can't remember which now, annoyingly) as lining for the inside. I also made a matching coin purse which I forgot to photograph. There's also a stuffed owl and to round things off, an elephant-shaped therapeutic rice bag. This has rice scented with patchouli and sandalwood oils that can be heated up in the microwave and used to relive aches and pains.

Enjoy Naseem, and happy birthday once again xx

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  1. oh sooo cute!! i didn't think to cut them out and make the elephant an applique! i love how you have one elephant in each color and they're facing each other, perfect!


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