Sunday, 17 March 2013

Why no garment sewing? Because it's baby time!

No, I'm not pregnant! But two of my friends are. One's due in a few weeks and the other is having her baby shower very soon. So I've taken a little break from making clothes and gone back to my sewing roots to do some quilting. Well, quilt top making at least, as I've made baby blankets rather than proper quilts.

I found some lovely fleece which had little cutiepies embroidered in the corner that were perfect for a soft, cuddly backing. And then began the creative, but slightly tedious, job of cutting up strips of baby boy-appropriate fabric to make a scrappy top.

I didn't bother to quilt the whole thing together, or to put any wadding in the middle, because I wanted to keep the fleecey side as soft as possible so I just sewed it up right sides together then topstitched it once turned right sides out. Looks just perfect for a littley to snuggle up under!

All wrapped up!

Back to my usual selfish sewing from now on!

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